An attempt to promote project based learning and education inspired from lessons of past

For Students

Students are the gateway to tomorrow. With learning from past, they can be better equipped to build the future.

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For Teachers

Teachers are the backbone of our education system. Equipped with correct tools, they can create stronger future.

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For Public

Every member of the community must contribute towards a stronger and humanitarian world. Experience of our forefathers can prove handy.

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Heritageshaala LogoHeritageshaala™¬†was born out of the idea of studying past to find patterns, that can match present incidents, so that future can be predicted and improved. A decade of research helped our research scholars to develop tools that can help teachers, students and general public to experience modern day science through the lens of past. The collective knowledge of 5000 years of Indian History is the basis of the research scholars working at Heritageshaala™