It takes three to complete the education cycle: A deserving student, A learned teacher, and a willing parent. Heritageshaala designed separate programs for all three.

Social Science Program for CBSE Schools (Session 2019-20)

Heritageshaala Social Science Program
Team Heritageshaala curated an integrated program based on the CBSE Syllabus and the content prescribed by NCERT. Students from class VI to XII will benefit directly and their curriculum covered in a simpler way. The program starts weeks before the actual session with a series of teacher training workshops. With the begining of session 2019-20, students will be given a precap of entire year's course. During the rest of the session, teachers will continue to teach Social Science, but with an improved teaching methodology. Experts from Heritageshaala will conduct fortnightly sessions with the teachers to train them. Activities will include studying via maps, research documents and presenting history with a more practical approach. To know more about the program, or to enroll your school, please drop a mail at

Programs for Students

Omnipresent Interpretation Centre

The Interpretation Centre designed by Heritageshaala is not restricted to one physical location. It is a mobile centre, spread across all partner schools. Heritage Labs in these partner schools build and operate a museum in clusters. The museum is carefully curated and exhibits are designed by students. Each museum rotates within the cluster partner schools and museum grows with every rotation.

Heritage Labs

Experts from Heritageshaala visit schools on the weekly or fortnightly basis to interact with Heritage Clubs in School. They train club members for innovative practices to learn various topics from their curriculum, using the examples from history. Team Heritageshaala also provide the necessary tools and games to conduct the experiments designed by Heritageshaala.

Heritage Clubs

Schools that cannot establish Heritage Labs or participate in the Interpretation Centre, set up the Heritage Club, where members of the club (students) are encouraged to participate in Heritage Walks, debates, discussions and research activities. Team Heritageshaala provides necessary content and training for the club members. Clubs from various schools are indulged in inter-school activities on annual basis.

Field Visits (Walks and Trips)

Heritageshaala organizes regular Heritage Walks, Trips and Lectures for students time to time. These visits are Field Workshops, where a location is finalized depending on the topic that is to be explained. A team of experts accompanies participants in each walk and we ensure that no child is left behind in experiencing the beauty of the place we visit.

Programs for School leaders and Teachers


e-Incubator is a specially designed online forum, where teachers from across the country can share their problems and also help each other solve them. To read more and participate in eIncubator, click here.

School Leaders' RoundTable

Heritageshaala organized few RoundTables conferences with members of the top and middle management of various schools. Many of Heritageshaala initiatives are the outcome of such conferences. Round Tables are organized in different cities from time to time.

Teacher Training Workshops

Several teacher training workshops have been conducted in past few years by Team Heritageshaala. The theme for the workshop can vary from general motivation to complex topics of physics, chemistry or mathematics. All topics are taught with examples from history. These workshops are mostly conducted within a certain school for their teachers only. But Heritageshaala also conducts open workshops, where teachers from different schools participate.

Programs for General Public

Programs for the general public, especially parents are conducted time to time in school premises and at monuments, where audience learn new methods to deal with challenges they face while educating children. Heritageshaala conducts Heritage Walks, Trips, Lectures, Exhibitions and meetups for everyone.