Heritageshaala™ designed special programs for its audience, keeping in mind the level of penetration and logical depth. It was appropriate to divide the audience into the following segments.



Programs for students focus on their curriculum and co-curriculum through an array of lectures, walks and workshops. Heritageshaala also helps schools to setup ongoing Heritage Labs, which provide a strong backbone for all other subjects. These apply to both Schools and Colleges.

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Teachers lay the foundation for future of a country. If they are well versed with the methods of past and how the country evolved, they can create a stronger foundation for the nation. Teachers must experience the difference between conventional and non-conventional teaching practices. Our Workshops for teachers are designed specifically to help them bridge this gap.

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General Public

Everyone outside the school/college setup also plays a crucial role in shaping the future of a nation. Special lectures, walks and trips curated by our experts help us improve our understanding about the society and its evolution. This results in human beings, who have more informed ability to take decisions and compassion for others.

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