Students, when equipped with correct information, can do wonders. Our programs are designed to ensure that history becomes interesting for students and it is not confined to book reading and simple debates. Following programs are designed specifically for students:



Team Heritageshaala™ conducts half day, full day and multi day workshops for students and teachers. They are always custom-designed, keeping the audience in mind. A Typical workshop contains a balanced mix of lecture, seminar and team activities. History is used as a tool with board games and instruments/apparatus developed by Heritageshaala™ to strengthen the learning abilities of participants.

Workshops primarily focus on

  • Art of Observation
  • Understanding facts, not versions of history
  • Looking at alternate sides of coin
  • Using history to understand society and development
  • Revolutionizing the teaching practices and patterns
  • Transforming history from boring to a fun activity based subject



Seminars are the panel discussions or closed room sessions where everyone participates equally. Such sessions are conducted with a limited set of like-minded audience. Heritageshaala™ sets up proper ambiance, based on the topic of discussion. From food to decoration, every minute detail is taken care of.

Most common topics that audience prefer include:

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Language
  • Ancient Science/Technology
  • Mythology
  • Subjects that are considered Taboo by modern day society



Customized for given set of audience, Lectures help the listeners dive deeper into the topic. A lecture can last from 30 minutes to 3 hours. These lectures make topics of history fun for students and they are intrigued to learn more about things.

Some of our popular topics are:

  • Science of Religions
  • Evolution of a Society
  • Understanding society system scientifically
  • Partition of India
  • Indo-Islamic Architecture and its Myths
  • Management lessons through history
  • History Vs Heritage


Field Trips

These are onsite seminars, where we visit a heritage site within or outside the city. Field Trips focus on Architecture, Lifestyle, Social Events and history of the place.

Such trips strengthens our bonding with our past and help us create a better future, as they reveal the true significance of symbols and patterns on structures. Each dot helps us understand the society better, thus changing our perception towards mankind.


Heritage Labs

Let’s think beyond Heritage Clubs and establish Heritage Labs, where various science experiments can be recreated through history.
Heritage Labs designed by Heritageshaala™ help students to experience historic events and developments, enabling them to understand the process of evolution. Students are also able to learn topics from various other subjects and their evolution.
An effective Heritage Lab can be established only when students have gone through a series of lectures or workshops, thus having the foundation in place. In certain cases, such sessions can be clubbed into the structure of Lab itself.